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Different from the vast majority of organizations, we want to help the workers in the Third World to live a better life. We have our own way to perform ethically.

1.      International Labor Organization (ILO) and Code of Conduct of Companies

The ILO and Code of Conduct of Companies aim at protecting and strengthening the workers’ rights based on the respect for Human and Labor Rights, such as workers’ freedom, non-discrimination, safety and health, fair wages, etc.

2.      Concept of Profit Maximization

With the concept of Profit Maximization, some countries, companies and business owners try their best to pursue the profits, such as sourcing at as loweras prices etc. In these situations, they cannot guarantee the rights and benefits of the workers who work in the front-line of production.

3.      Confliction between Codes of Conduct and Profit Maximization

Therefore, there is a big contradiction between fully conducting ILO’s mission, Code of Conducts of Companies and Pursuing Profit Maximization. The Rana Plaza Collapse on April 23, 2013 is a solid evidence of such confliction. It was told that 28 brands had been processed in 8-story Rala Plaza during that time. It is hard to believe that such poor working conditions could reach the 28 companies’ Code of Conduct before such a disaster arose, and that the 28 brand owners and factory owners were not aware of such poor working conditions until this disaster happened. Why was the problem not found in advance?

4.      Still Cooperating with such Business Owners, Companies and Countries

Under situations such as this, we will, as always, firmly cooporate with such Business Owners, Companies and Countries, even though they have not performed perfectly and probably will not due to the following reasons:

A.    Limited source and labor force for most Developed Countries; if we stop doing multinational business, the global supply chain will not run smoothly.

B.     Also, the workers in the Third Countries cannot survive without jobs.

5.      A different way we do business ethically

Failing to conduct ILO’s mission and our customers’ Code of Conduct perfectly, makes us feel extremely upset. How to perform ethically is always in our thoughts. Based on the respect for all the parties, the only thing we can do is to be self-disciplined and to cut down our own profits by a percentage in order to help the front-line workers directly. We will take a preventive measure against any type of corruption, bribe and extortion that may arise. For example, we will deliver the payments to the workers after purchase orders are successfully fulfilled or we improve their working conditions such as purchasing air conditioners for workers as a cooling system in hot summers with our own money.

Meanwhile, we also call on our suppliers and our customers to join us, to contribute practical benefits in the support of front-line workers. By doing this together, we all can fill the world with love.