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    Corporate Culture:

    We, the shareholders, make a commitment that 1% of our joint profit will be given to support Charity.

    We perform practical humanity to truly benefit everybody, especially to benefit our customers, our suppliers and their workers on-front. 

    We do not pursue windfall profits. Rather, it is our hope that our products and services will make a positive contribution for the benefit of humankind. That is to say, we would like to "fill the world with love".

    Business Introduction:

    As an International Trading Company founded in Australia, BSYG TRADING PTY LTD, we can provide our customers with a wide range of goods, mainly in the Garment Industry (e.g. fashion and underwear).We have prepared well by establishing business relationships with various manufacturers. Most importantly, we have a team made up of experienced technicians and QC specialists who have been trained according to International Industrial Standards.

    Within the principles of respect for intellectual property rights, human rights and the rules, regulations, religions and customs of every country, we will endeavor to satisfy all our customers with high quality, timely delivery, excellent after-sale service and improved management. Most importantly, we will locate the best factories using our best business approach to match every customer’s needs.